Consulting company "LINE FOR REFUGEE LTD., " is located in the south of Tel Aviv, on the border with the old city of Jaffa, which is one of the oldest cities in the modern Israel. The company provides legal services for both refugees and immigrants, and also for the people of the whole country. We specialize in a wide range of legal services in various areas of civil law, administrative rights, commercial law, banking and legal representation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel.

   "THE LINE FOR REFUGEES LTD." has unique experience in immigration issues and in obtaining asylum in Israel. Citizenship, visas, work permits, family reunification, a permanent residence, and citizenship issues also are our spheres. The company's attorneys speak different languages, what helps to ensure that best suit the needs and difficulties of the client. The Law Office is committed to excellence, uncompromising defense of the customer's interests and providing legal services at reasonable prices.

 Company "THE LINE FOR REFUGEES LTD." was formed in 2016. The successful entrepreneur Benjamin Davidov, and he is its CEO. This is the 3d company under his smart leadership.