Who can be recognized as a refugee?

- A person or/and his family who for justified reasons, fear, has become a victim of persecution on the grounds of political opinion, religion, race, membership of a particular social group or nationality. 

  The person won't recognized a refugee, in any case, that prosecuted for committing any illegal actions, as well as that, whose motives are to improve their financial situation by obtaining such status.

 How hard is seeking refugee status?

 -Despite a simplified procedure to obtain a refugee status - it is not so simple. Firstly, it should be clearly understood that all the other grounds other than those listed above may not be grounds for granting refugee status. The status does not provide for following reasons: economic, criminal or environmental nature. Secondly, as the statistics show, the authorities carried out a thorough check of all the reasons, circumstances and the facts that prompted the person to seek asylum in Israel. 

 What should be done to get the status?

-First of all, you need to go through the procedure established by the legislation, which regulates the process of granting asylum to a foreign citizen. This process is intended to determine the presence of the person who filed the request for refugee status with his passport or any legal ID


 What can serve as a proof of the real threat to human life or health in homecountry?

 -Above all, any active operations, which can be regarded as persecution, and that can be directed not only against him but also against his family and relatives. Besides, these actions should be carried out not by single persons on its initiative, and individual structures, endowed with governmental authority, or large groups of people or communities. Also, will be evidence that the individual was trying to get help and support from the state in which he lived, but the assistance had not provided.

For how long are granted refugee status?

About a year or so, and as well as Israel's national law, provides refugees the right for a given period of stay in the country, their social assistance, are allowed to work, study, and also has the right to family reunification.   These measures of social support for refugees is very attractive regarding emigration through the refugee. In addition to rights, Israeli law also grants the refugees duties, which primarily concerns the obligation to comply with the legislation of Israel, refugees will be asked to undergo a medical examination and some other procedures.

How to submit a request for refugee status?

To apply for a status, the refugee will be necessary to provide the following documents:

-The application for granting the status completed in English, including a brief history has occurred to him, and what make him flee from his native country.

-Passport size photos 

-Identity documents, certificates, certificates (if any)

-All the necessary papers signed by the United Nations representatives, which is confirmed by an appeal to the granting of refugee status

(if applicable)

 These documents must be submitted to the Commission not later than one year after the entry into Israel, or the appeal will be rejected. 

 Is anyone can ask the status of refugee in Israel?

-The State Of Israel does not accept refugees from unfriendly countries.

 What the most difficult in the process?

 The greatest difficulty is proving entitlement to refugee status in Israel. 

 True stories of threats and harassment and persecution preferably documented are needed.  

  Separately, we focus our attention on the legal entry into the country in which the person seeks asylum - the main prerequisite for obtaining the status. Therefore, taking a decision on such a step, you must be sure firmly that:

- You have a reliable, true story, supported by evidence

- You have well studied the laws of the country 

- You know all the nuances of the procedure