Why is it necessary to turn to our consultant for refugee status in Israel?

 What can do our office, you can not do by yourself?

     Only qualified consultant specializes in refugee status, knows the application process in its entirety at every stage. Including which documents are needed at every stage and how to behave in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Misrad haPnim). How to respond to questions asked during the interview for the status, and others. The Bureau can quickly resolve all issues and also to prevent future problems that may arise during the procedure.
  The advantages of the process of obtaining the status by contacting our office:
- Knowledge and understanding of the system: 
A full control of the process to obtain the refugee status including the list of documents to be submitted
- The tactics of behavior during the meetings at the Ministry of Internal Affairs 
- Prevention failures in dealing with requests in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
- Saving time:
 Only the qualified lawyer can handle a complexity of procedures to obtain the status and to prepare a full and detailed petition 
 To find out relevant documents to it
 To give full answers for all documents, as well as provide the customer with their samples and others
 All this saves time and contributes to the rapid advancement of the procedures in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Misrad well-Pnim)  and prevents future problems in the process.

- Legal support of the proceedings: 
  In many cases, only a professional lawyer who specializes in this field,  provides rapid passage of procedures for obtaining the status. Lawers in-depth knowledge of both phases of the process, demands of the Ministry of Internal Affairs prevents future problems that often created by the petitioner's hands due to lack of understanding of the process and all its subtleties. 
We provide full support, emotional and professional, for clients at all stages of obtaining the status.
- Future financial savings due to:
  Precise coordination and careful process of getting status
 The correct filing of documents that prevents disputes and all possible problems that may arise under the appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
We will save customers money in case of appeals to the courts and other authorities.

-What are the stages of the request for status?

The main steps of obtaining the status are:
1. Preparation of the questionnaire in English following the requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: This is a very critical stage. 
2. Obtain many different documents from various bodies of the country and also to assure an apostille for them. Preparation of papers takes a long time, and you need to collect all the documents before applying for the status.
 It is important to understand that an appeal to qualified lawyers specializing in this field, who advise their clients, give examples and a full explanation of these documents, reduce the time and speed up the procedure for obtaining status.

2. Preparation and submission of a petition to the Ministry of Internal Affairs: 
  Inspection of all the documents required under the regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including a passport, valid for two years. It is important to understand that the submission of all documents and the correct wording of the petition will provide status and prevent future delays in the process.

3 .Interview  at the Ministry of Internal Affairs: 
  Within the framework of legal support, the client will receive an explanation regarding all the nuances of the case
The explanation how to behave correctly in the interview, and the presence of a lawyer during the interview may influence the course of the interview, will prevent many possible contradictions and will help to promote the process.

For advice on issues of interest to you, please contact our company "LINE FOR REFUGEE LTD." an experienced consultant Alex Seversky.