• Counseling and guidance to immigrants and refugees

         We have all the information ready about your rights as immigrants and refugees.

  •  Providing information and assistance. Obtaining and representing your rights in various government offices.

          We will ensure you get everything coming to you by law from government offices and        


  •  Assistance in filling out and submitting forms and documents in English/Hebrew.

        We will help you fill out and submit all types of forms in Hebrew while providing                

        explanations and support in your native language.

  •  Accompaniment, counseling, and guidance in petitioning the various authorities.

         We will accompany you and guide you in dealing with the various government and public              service offices until you obtain the service or information you need

  • Accommodation help

         We will help you to rent an apartment

  • Filing an appeal in case of refusal of refugee status 

            We will guide your way to review denial of your petition

  • Legal assistance in criminal cases

            While representing you in the criminal courts, we utilize our courtroom experience and                 resources in order to avoid convictions for aggravated felonies and crimes of moral                       turpitude

  • Assistance and legal advice in case of road accident

         It is advisable to consult with the road accident specialist as soon as possible after the                  accident. The longer you wait, the harder it will be even for a traffic accident lawyers’ office          to help the injured person realize all his rights and get the money he deserves.